The company slogan is ' If You Pay Too Much For Your House, You Didn’t Buy It From Ayensu River, Period'.

At Ayensu River, we personalize our home i.e you choose your colour of paint and floor tiles among others.

The company has all the necessary construction equipment including road graders,backhoe,pickups,tiper trucks etc. to undertake by any construction project .    

All our houses are sited on documented lands, thereby alleviating the ‘headaches’ and the ‘Ananse’ stories" that an individual would have to go through to acquire a house.

At Ayensu River Estates, we offer you a unique opportunity to own a house. These houses have been professionally designed to satisfy both socio-cultural and climatic requirements of a typical Ghanaian household living pattern.

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Land & Space Properties

This company was incorporated primarily to focus on construction of Apartment buildings since the demise of the STX housing project. The first projected to be undertaken is Holy Cross Apartment at Danfa near Ayi-Mensah on the Adenta-Aburi Road.

Since Independence, every incoming government always harbored the desire to empower people of all classes to own their homes but there had always been a gap between policy planning and the reality of property owning population. Government and society now realize that the private sector has an indispensable role in the development of mass housing.

By: Kofi Ayensu, architect.

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